Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why Love... of course

Happy Valentine's Day (belated).
I hope you all had a lovely day of worth and sincere appreciation for the ones you love. 

I was able to see the majority of people I love most this Valentine's Day... maybe not in the predictable context... but there was a visual sighting, nonetheless. 
Usually I get all "hopeless romantic" around this lovely February 14th time... but this year I haven't been hit by the girly bug. I have enough love from people around me to even be tempted by loneliness, right now. 
There are a lot of things I'm missing out on. But, there are a lot of things that I'm able to experience that people in relationships are missing out on as well. It's all a matter of timing, and comfort. Right now- I'm comfortable being the single girl I am. I'm not sure how long this comfort will last... but I'll soak it up while I can. I know I'm "ready" for a relationship, and I've seen enough ups and downs observing others to have an idea of what a good one takes. 
I'm willing to risk a lot for that potential... but not until I meet someone who I think is willing to ride that ride with me. 

So- on this Valentine's Day- all of my love goes to my friends and family... and with confidence I can say that this is really no different than any other day. 
Step on the love train... if you're like me... there's no getting off.
As long as there are people, there will be love.

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