Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've decided the main characteristic that I need in a man. Screw honesty, intelligence, compassion... I need a man who can pull out the one liners like no one else. I'm a simple girl to please. Hit my funny bone with a predictable side comment or pun and I'll be eternally yours.

I have nothing to write about these days (hence the extreme absence). The drama of last year has calmed. I'm finally balanced and back at it. The pieces I lost are slowly being pulled back and shit is good. I'm as content, harmonious and satisifed as I could be.

Fall is so renewing. Granted, the weather has seemingly decided to skip fall and go right for the white powder (dumb). But despite the harsh temperature drop there's a certain atmosphere that accompanies fall. I'm thriving off it right now. My school schedule is so lax, and junior year has just been a blast from space. I can't get over these amazing people that keep being put into my life. Just when I thought that my friendships can't get any stronger or that there's no possible way I could have any more above average, amazing friends... at least one more person comes along. Someday I'll own a house and invite every one of these friends over. I'd explode from gratification and utter happiness if I was ever able to have them all in the same room. There's a large part of me that is still just emotionally drained and it's not fair to these new friends of mine who are deserved of more emotional intensity than I can give them at this time. But for now the emotions will stay in that hidden little part of me. They're safe there, and I've never been one to bottle things up for too long so I'm not worried about them overstaying their welcome.

Sphhhhatttt else? Hmmm. My big brother still hasn't been able to make it over here from Chi town. I miss his ass. I hate hate hate seeing such strong parallels between him and this other guy I know...

John Mayer has a new CD coming out soon. It better not be super lame and dumb. November 11th. Don't let me down, JM. I defend you too much these days.

Langhorne Slim has found his way into my daily ear. He's a rip roaring lyricist.
That oughts do the trick for now...
Homework calls.

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